I have never been that kind of person who shy away from my roots. I came straight from rags. I remember vividly how life in the Mining compounds of Bindura was. I stayed briefly in a one room shack in Highfields in the late 80's but I did much of my growing up in the Rural Areas of

Manicaland. I had fun, crazy fun..that was the only life I knew till the future took a head shot. Now I am halfway on top of the world and everybody is at the bottom. They see me in the streets and they say I been blessed and I been spoilt. They dont know that a brother came straight from the slums. Like T.I said, no reflection should ever be mistaken for glorification. I m not glorifying my situation either. I m just saying yall. Anyway I m saying all this because I wanted to remind you how a lot of people are still living in poverty. How 90% of Mother Africa is still stuck in the Native remote forgotten lands. This is how we was bathing 13 years ago... Not so long are go aint it
Godwin Mungwadzi

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