Wyclef is one talented brother who bulldozed his way into the music industry, his music is what the game is missing - the truth. I was forced to put my hands on his new mixtape because of three things 1) He hosted the MAMAs (Mtv African Music Awards) in Kenya. I havent seen anything like that before in my life. I was speachless, I recorded the show and have watched it over and over again because it was so alive. I instantly became a fan and started following his moves, I even went and got the same hair cut! 2) The tittle of the mixed tape man, I never thought I hear the word HUT in the mainstream hip hop/RnB circles, that alone generated so much interest because then I realised we had something in common. I came from the hut bro, real talk. 3) Dj Drama hosted and executive produced the Mixtape!! Dramatic is a BEAST! I enjoy his music, I like listening to all the drops he make on his mixtapes plus he is a good role model. Thats why they call him Barack O'Drama!

I got my hands on the Album and really didnt know what to expect, I mean its confusing when you hear a multi millionare hip hop mogul from America talking about he came from the Hut. I bet most Americans do not even know what a HUT is. All the confusion and doubt was addressed on FROM THE HUT TO THE PROJECTS TO THE MANSION. If you are an imigrant legal or illegal I suggest you go get the Album right now!!! Thank you Mr Clef, God bless you. The Album was crazy, check out this peice I did put together. My thoughts and views

Dear Mr Toussant St Jean,

I wonder how you went FROM THE HUT TO THE PROJECTS TO THE MANSION yet the STREETS PRONOUNCED YOU DEAD maybe its because of the fact that EVERY NOW AND THEN you WALKED AWAY. THE STRUGGLE, the stress, the reality and nightmares of being an imigrant made you drink MORE BOTTLES. LETTER FROM THE PEN MADE IT hard to live up to the point that sometimes YOU DDNT WANT TO GO OUTSIDE. You had rather stay in the basement and make WARRIORS ANTHEM far away from the GANGSTER GIRLS that made you give up some of that SUICIDAL LOVE. You had rather have ROBOTIC LOVE to the music, stay true because you have always been a SHOTTA who rather TELL THE KIDS THE TRUTH that if you work hard and stay away from the streets, believe in yourself you too can be a SLUMDOG MILLIONARE!!!

Well, the main reason I decided to blog about Mr Wyclef is because he has impressed me yet again. This guy doesnt cease to amaize me. He perfomed for President Obama and the Norway Royalty at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony!! Come on son, aint that just amaizing?? See it for yourselves

Godwin Mungwadzi

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