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Not trying to be a hater or anything but whats this Stop Piracy thing Zimbabwean musicians are going on about? Compact Discs been around for two straight Decades now and because of technology advancement they are washed up. Piracy? Musicians should cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it!! Wondering why I am saying this? well, I was cruising through the E streets and I heard then it hit me, I mean I got the news.

The Urban Grooves singer who has spent the last few years in South Africa and is back in Zimbabwe “for good”, told a captive audience, made up mainly of musicians, that there was finally a way to make sure their hard work did not profit someone else. He has set up a new company that is marketing a software product that makes it impossible to read an audio CD on a computer. Marketing ploy, this guy is a marketing genius. Well goodluck Sani Makalema!

Meanwhile over two hundred artists and supporters of their cause took to the streets of Harare yesterday (15 December 2009) in a march that was meant to raise awareness of the need to step up the fight against piracy. Organised by the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMRA), the march is the first activity in a line-up of activities meant to stop a growing trend which sees tens of thousands of dollars worth of pirate CDs being sold in Zimbabwe every year. (Zimbojam)
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