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Not long ago, blogging was from the heart , you really had to have a special blogging calling to own a blog. lol, the chosen one if you know what I mean. I said that to say this, Google and other search engines put our blogs at the bottom of their search results list. I have been blogging since 2007 and the truth of the matter is, only me and a few of my college mates read the blog. They thought the blog was hot honestly but that was that. Discouraging aint it? I wanted trafffic but traffic didnt come my blog's direction. The only guys whose blogs were taking all the shine were blogging about politics, the legendary kubatana.net to name a few, but come on man, that was all politics. Every dark cloud got a silver lining, I was the silver lining, a diamond in the rough.Thanks to twitter and facebook, I met some connects who felt the same. They took the matter into their own hands and did something about it. Zimbloggers.info was born, bringing all the Zimbo bloggers into the same basket. I am really proud of the enormous work the guys are doing over there at Zimbloggers APPLAUD THEM. All Zimbabwean bloggers please submit your blogs here.

Godwin Mungwadzi

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