THE ZIMBABWEAN - Exiled Zimbabwean Chimurenga musical guru, Thomas Tafirenyika Muchadura Mapfumo, says he wants to come back home, but reassured fans that he would not stop singing about corruption and political violence being perpetrated against those that perceived to be anti-Zanu (PF). Mapfumo, who is based in the United States of America (USA), jetted into Johannesburg over the weekend to meet with international organisers preparing to host one of his best ever-musical concerts in the country before end of year.

In an exclusive interview with CAJ News on Monday, Mapfumo, popularly known as ‘Mukanya’, said the worsening poverty in Zimbabwe was his biggest concern.
“Only a few are enjoying every minute of life yet the majority people are living in abject poverty. This is unacceptable! A few crooks calling themselves a government do not own Zimbabwe. A true government cares about the poor, old, orphans and children in general,” said Mapfumo.

He says it pains him most to see government officials, particularly politicians, driving in expensive cars such as Hummers, latest Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Range Rover Sport and expensive BMW when the poor were getting worse with each day that passes.

“What worries me most is that we have a government that is not even ashamed of using other nations’ money. Where is our own currency?

“Instead of being accountable to the people, the nation is answerable to the government. This defeats the whole purpose of going to the liberation struggle against the Rhodesian oppressors during the 1st and 2nd Chimurenga wars. “It’s mind boggling! What is the difference between our government today and that of the Ian Smith regime which always undermined people’s integrity,” asked Mapfumo.

When asked which political party he supported in Zimbabwe today, Mapfumo said: “I don’t belong to any political party. I leave politics to politicians, but one thing is sure, I will not shut up when the mass is being oppressed.”

He said he did not support Zanu (PF) or MDC, but supported the government that stands for people’s justice, needs and wants. Mapfumo is regarded as King of Chimurenga music throughout Africa, and he has won various accolades for singing against corruption, political violence and child abuse.

When asked if he was afraid of being arrested upon his arrival in Zimbabwe, he said he never wronged anyone or committed a crime.

“I have not done anything wrong to anyone, so why should I be arrested? I am a Zimbabwean national returning to my mother-land,” said Mapfumo.

He called upon the International Criminal Court (ICC) to widen and accelerate the hunt for political leadership throughout the world linked to perpetrating crimes against humanity, political torture and killings to be tried.

He also took a swipe at traditional leaders, whom he accused of letting the local culture and tradition vanish into thin air while promoting politics of patriotism.

“We have lost our identity! We need to go back to old roots, and rediscover ourselves if we are to be called human beings with human dignity,” Mapfumo said.

Mapfumo went into exile in the US in 2004, and hopes to come back and rebuild the nation with other forward-looking Zimbabweans.

“Lets leave politics to politicians, but if they mess with the people’s lives, then we would not shut up,” he added. Mapfumo is now 63-years-old.

Mungwadzi Godwin

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