Zimbabwe dancehall on a higher level: Dirty Dogs Crew

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When it comes to Dancehall Music, Zimbabwe is ranked first in Africa and history of the music dates back to the pioneer column. Okay maybe I lied but the movement goes way back to the Sir Marcus Garvey days. Bob Marley payed his homage in 1980 and a string of influential Reggae acts from Sizzla to Beenie. Incase you wondering where I m going with this, ladies and gentlemen its my honor to introduce the Dirty Dogs Crew. This is a ragga sound that was formed in zimbabwe 1n 1999. Members were Collin (Ras Deejay Collin), Richmond Nyika (Ritchieman) Garikai Mukucha (Gagamel). The crew struggled in the beggining but things got better. Their first ever gig was at Glen View new hall hosted by cyborg international. They then upgraded and went to contest in better clashes at Tube Nite Club, Fast forward the tape 10 years later, they are still doing their thing. The crew is now based in Sweden, Europe. Peep this..
Mungwadzi Godwin

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