Soosh Matix dies: Jonah Sithole, Synik, iLL Ceey and more react

The death of Soosh Matix came as a shock to everyone who knew him. Soosh was a hip hop artist/producer/writer/radio dj who brought his individual style to create a new type of sound in African Hip hop. He had extensive experience in production as well as performing. Having been part of a local hip hop collective for about 8 years in Zimbabwe he later moved to Zambia to pursue a career in Radio Presentation.

Soosh was now based in Lusaka, Zambia and worked at Hot 87.7 fm which is a private radio station as a radio deejay and as a club deejay and emcee. In 2009 he moved onto the Copperbelt (Kitwe to be exact) in Zambia and was working for YAR 89.8 fm, another private radio station but later returned to Hot fm in Lusaka and managed to crack one of the biggest radio deals ever through MTV Staying Alive Ignite, for which he hosted the first season in 2009. At the moment he was freelancing in the private sector of the entertainment world in 3 different countries as a Rapper, Producer and DJ.

Early Years...
After completing high school, Soosh Matix focused on creating his own style which took Zimbabwe by storm when he dropped "The Purchase" which was released under the group name Mos Yall Def, whom he was a part of and were signed to Movip Records in 2003. The Purchase was part of a compilation album called The Primier.

In 2004, Movip Records released a second Primier Compilation. Soosh played a major part in a lot of the writing and directing of this album and his presence was unquestionable as he featured on a majority of the singles. It was here that his most powerful single to date was noticed. Mos Yall Def ft Jadie Jam released "H-Town Girl". It was then that Soosh became a force to recon with in Zimbabwe as the song went straight to the top of the charts and this was the beginning of an undying friendship between Soosh and DS, who has always produced for Soosh.

The years after that saw various singles reaching the charts including "Love Triangle", a studio leak featuring Zimbabwean lady rapper Di-Cee.

DS and Soosh became a force to recon with. Producing for R&B Gospel outfit Exxel, and later discovering Realegacy and Prayer Soul, Whereitsat Records was born, severing ties between the two artists and Movip.

Zimbabwean public, Hip Hop heads and local musicians have reacted to Soosh Matix death and here are some of their statements

R.I.P Soosh Matix! worked with this dude back in the MO V.I.P days, was one of my inspirations back in the day when I was coming up learning my way around the studio! PEACE BLOOD! gone but not forgotten... -- ILL Ceey

I grew up with you Soosh Matix known you since i was 14!!! im only seeing this on FB were a great friend and mentor aswell one of the greatest rappers i ever met, used to crack jokes with you and Ds, and make records back in the day. THIS IS HURTING ME!! Why why wasnt your time man theres was still more to do!!! RIP.. -- Jonah Sithole

Rest In Peace Our brother Soosh...Pls join the group 'Rest in Peace Soosh Matix' to post all your messages. Thank you for all the love and support to all our listeners... -- Official Hot 87.7

Sad news so early in the morning. Soosh. Rest In Power! Man... U shall be remembered by Zimbabwe and Zambia. Never forgotten... -- Synik
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