C&A Entertainment launches ticket sales for Sean Kingston's Zimbabwe Tour

C&A Entertainment have launched the tickets sales for the Sean Kingston gig. The musician is expected to perform in the country on the 22nd and 23rd of April. Sean Kingston (born Kisean Anderson; February 3, 1990) is a Jamaican singer and rapper who pursued a music career and debuted in 2007 with the Album Sean Kingston. Nugget Zimbabwe is the main sponsor of the gig and the promoters issued this Statement: Tickets are moving at a moderate rate of sale. The whole idea of launching early is to afford a similar situation to previous concerts whereby we experienced long queues and a lot of frustrated people. With this in mind we will have a total of 10 gates for advance ticket holders and 2 gates for cash sales on the day, so we encourage you all to purchase tickets in advance and change our culture in the way we do things i.e last minute.

With advance ticket purchases, this helps us as the promoters with all our planning so as to make the event a well planned and run event, which at the end of the day benefits all the patrons of the concert.

The ticket outets are as follows:

- Hello Harare,
- Celebration Centre,
- Kickstart -
- Joina Centre,
- Defined Wear B/dale village,
- Village Rock,
- Lazer Audio Vision,
- Crocodile Rock outlets,
- FedEx outlets,
- Prince Edward School,
- Mensions for Men,
- Right Price on Robert Mugabe,
- Emea Travel,
- Janice Jonny,
- Pearlites,
- Spar,
- Brooks Byo

Ticket Info lines:

- 0774001234
- 0774442882
- 0772254418
- 0772245592
- 0772285408
- 0774125620
- 0775387482
- 0773119462
- 0774166922

Ticket Prices for the venues are :

Celebration Centre - $ 50 free seating limited tickets.

Showgrounds – Outer Circle $20, Inner $50 and VIP $100 which I must state has capacity of 250 people only.

We will advise you of more ticket outlets once contracts have been signed.

We would like to thank Nugget for the sponsorship and encourage you all to purchase all Nugget products the next time you visit your local store
Mungwadzi Godwin

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