Winky D: UK tour dates announced, No intentions of moving out of Kambuzuma.

In a recent interview with a popular online magazine, Winky D has made it known that despite all the success he has received, he has no intentions of leaving Kambuzuma. "That’s where the base of my struggle is, so why would I run away from my reinforcement, I will always be there in flesh and spirit." Winky said. He also shot down the liverish life rumors about him driving fancy cars and in a statement said "Whatever car I drive is for mobility reasons not vanity." Winky D  also highlighted his 2011 collaboration with the Jamaican dancehall veteran Hawkeye. "After the Red Rat and General Pype collaborations I have since worked on some stuff with Hawkeye of the Money Making Guy hit song which featured on the Busta Riddim." he said. "I never hide away from nobody, my favourite place is by the corner of any ghetto where I get the chance to reason with other ghetto youths who are key to the struggle of the poor people."

On Sartuday the 26th of March 2011 DiBigman will be perfoming his hits live in London at Club 19, Forest Gate. Greedysouth is not much of a dancehall fundi but has also learned that ten sounds will be clashing that night (Whatever that means). The dancehall dj and promoter King Alfred is the genius behind the show that will see the poor people's devotee Winky D lose himself in the music.
Mungwadzi Godwin

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