We sat down with Chigutiro co founder Shayne Ndingz

Shayne Ndingz is back in 2011 with a brand new track featuring Macdee and Tamic called Right Now, a great song taken from the upcoming album 1984 Vol.1: A Star Is Born to be released very soon. Greedysouth sat down with Shayne for this exclusive interview so check it.

Who is Shayne Ndingz and whats in the name?
Well, Shayne Ndingz is a 27 year old Urban Grooves rapper. I have two successful albums to date and i am about to release my 3rd Album this year. Shayne Ndingz is a short cut for the name Shayne Ndingindwayo.

What inspired you on 1984 and why name an Album 1984?
1984 Vol.1 : A Star is born talks about the nature of love, the way we live and how we would like to enjoy our lives and this goes back as far as i can remember ever since I was born in 1984. So ever since then with all the topics I have talked about above you will find that some things have changed and something’s will never change.

When did u start doing music
I started doing music in 2003. I was recording with That Squad Studios before I broke out with TBA, Blush and our manager Jerrie to form our own record label called Chigutiro Records in 2004. That same year i released my first album called Rudo Rwedu and it had more than five hit songs like Letter to my ex,It's a Party feat. Roki,Dergz and Nyasha,Ndokudza Sei feat. Shamiso Gomo,Girl You Got To Know feat. Blush and the title track album Rudo Rwedu. In 2005 I released other hit songs from Chigutiro Phase1 like Nzwisisa feat. Blush, Bum Jive with Blush, Chitsidzo by Diana and Blush feat. myself. 2006 i unleashed more hit songs from Chigutiro phase 2 like Ndoda Iwe, Handichada with Diana and Tipei Maoko feat. Jerri Maskiri and Ngonie. In 2007 I then released the song Celebrity ft. Maskiri & Diana which was a major hit for it's controversy. In 2008 I released my second album called Backstage with more than six hit songs to grace the airwaves. Some of these were Iwe Ndiwe ft Ngonie, Rudo Rwedu ft Cindy, Backstage ft Tererai, Gogo ft Nox and many more.

What genre can u class your music?
I classify my music as Urban Grooves under the umbrella of Hip-Hop/Rap.

Which other local and international artists would u like to work with?
On the local music scene I would be happy to work with Leonard Mapfumo, Ex-q, Winky D, Trinta, Prudence Katomeni, Plaxedes Wenyika, Sanii, Alexio, Mugo, Trevor Dongo and anyone else good.

Who is/ are your favorite local and international acts
As for the international acts I have a few like Jay-Z, Kanye, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, Jamie Foxx, Usher, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Timbaland and R Kelly. It 's every wish for any other artist to work with these legends you know,but it's still a long shot from happening and my favorite local artist, wow that’s a hard one to choose to be honest but I would say Blush and Macdee. I chose these two because they are multi talented. They have great vocals, and do write great songs. Macdee would also have the upper hand that he also produces so that gives him the edge as well. As for international I like Jay-Z, he is an inspiration to me.

When is the album coming out
The album is coming out in July of 2011. So many people have been complaining that I have pushed the date that far but it's because I want to give my fans the best music around, with quality and to make it available as possible. I had a team of producers who worked tirelessly to make it a success. Producers like my best friend TBA, Jusa, Russo, Sanii and a good friend of mine Macdee who has helped me a lot on this project. Macdee is responsible for my come back and that’s why songs like Right Now and Ndinzwisise which features him are the first to be released because they are really great tunes.

How can people get your music? website/Reverb nation/ facebook?
The singles Right Now and Ndinzwisise could be available worldwide as i am still negotiating a deal with some major international distributors like itunes and Amazon. In Zimbawe it would be available in all major outlets so you won't miss it.

What do u think bout the state of the local music industry
The industry is growing big in Zimbabwe but unfortunately I can't say the same for the Zim -UK music industry. Until people start being original and start working together, there's no way I see it progressing. That’s why you find I have worked with artists back home more than I have with artists in the UK.
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