Winky D: "Bvunza wakange wariko kuHIFA tanga tiri paHasha umwe munhu aifa"

People call him Winky D but I prefer calling him Wallas and can you Imagine I missed Wallace's HIFA performance because I had this crazy hangover? Last night was too hectic dougies, didnt even sleep at home! but a few eye witnesses confirmed the "Poor people's devotee" committed a
murder. The HIFA performance was one of the first shows were Wallas performed with a live band dubbed the "Vigilance Band" yesayah!! In a statement Winky told Greedysouth this,
HIFA was ninjaful bigup everyone fi di support, tonight wi deh Chinhoyi University.

Later on Mic Inity and his band Hotta Faya wait a minute! I remember Major E shouting Hotta Faya on a Utsiwegota song back in the day but anyways Im getting side tracked, back to the story! Mic Inity and his band Hotta Faya with a special guest appearance from Stunner will be performing live later on tonight at 7 Arts Theater in Avondale.

Let Jah Music Play !!
Mungwadzi Godwin

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  1. IN POST PRODUCTION--Sizzla documentary shot in Zimbabwe last year by Petros Mhlanga.Repatriation is up to the individual but its a must, see how Zimbabwe is moving foward, at last we have someone from the Carribean explain how beautifull the country is contrary to what the west says.He came,saw and counqered but didnt get a farm.

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