Blackarmoor to Provide wardrobe for God's Son?

The Head honcho of Blackarmoor Clothing, Mr Rwangah broke the good news and in statement told
Greedysouth that,
We, (Blackarmoor Clothing) managed to have a deal to provide the wardrobe for the main actor of the movie by a british production company Atori Vandaderpuye films which is producing this movie starring a talented zimbabwean by the name of Baison Kugz.

He continued,
The movie features artist on Def Jam Uk like Biggs, S.A.S and eurogang...THe filming is ongoing as we speak and yesterday i was on set and its promising to be a hit from what i have seen so far

A tragic car accident had not only cost David his parent’s lives but all the faith and principles of being a good Christian. Having moved from Brooklyn New York to London, England, to live with his remaining relative his Grandmother, Gang life is now his family…
Now part of a ruthless gang, it seemed there was no hope for David, a chance meeting with a beautiful girl changes all of that. David is torn between his street life, loyalty and beliefs.

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Mungwadzi Godwin

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