The Story of a Rhode Scholar: Zulu Faz!

Born in Zimbabwe, Africa but raised in Worcester Massachusetts, this highly skilled artist launched his career by writing and co-producing beats with
his brother and Kaotiq Simfoni partner, Zimbabwe Kev. Zulu Faz’s passion for writing derived from his natural creativity and admiration for the art and science of hip hop. Inspired by a variety of musical legends and genres, the Rhode Scholar headman has fused gripping lyrics with equally compelling rhythms to create a unique ear catching sound.

Since his relocation from Worcester to Atlanta in 2008, Zulu Faz has already worked with well-known names such as, Big Boi of Outkast as the chief intern at Stankonia Studios, DJ Judgmental, Grammy Nominated Producers Royal Flush, and DJ Burn One to name a few. In addition to these names, the self-proclaimed Chief Rocka has released several independent compositions and joined forces with a host of underground producers and artists to create several true to blue hip hop projects. 12 Monkeys, God’s Black Son, and his most current release, Rhode Scholar Volume I the mixtapes are a few examples of this artists remarkable works. The success of these highly acclaimed projects landed Zulu Faz countless features on magazines and hip hop blogs such as G3, SIR, and DJ amongst others. Not only is Zulu Faz one of hip hop’s hardest working and most talented producers, this Zimbabwean native is an impeccable storyteller, riveting writer and highly expressive hip hop artist; the epitome of a musical Rhode Scholar.

The Rhode Scholar Movement, modeled after an exclusive internationally known scholarship, captures the essence of what Zulu Faz is bringing to the entertainment industry. The prestigious Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University is presented only to students from select countries, Zimbabwe included. Much like the university, Zulu Faz sends an exclusive invite to all true lovers of Hip Hop who possess the ability to fully commit to their talents and passions, while exuding the highest quality in their craft, to embark on the journey of becoming a true Rhode Scholar advocate.

Staying true to his skills, which he has been honing for the majority of his twenty plus years, Zulu Faz brings honesty and genuine self-expression to the art of hip hop and is a true force to be reckoned with.
Mungwadzi Godwin

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