Metaphysics to Premier New Documentary

As the release date of Metaphysics' 263-4 Mixtape draws closer, the veteran MC will be premiering a brief biographical documentary called
FAME next week. Meta was not available for comment but issued this statement
FAME - A brief biographical documentary. Episodes start next week on FACEBOOK as a pre promotional campaign to the release of 263-4 The Mixate.
Metaphysics recently colluded with prolific rock singer/producer Tino Oac both artists belonging to the 14-member monster-popular Germany supergroup, Sons of Mannheim (Söhnemannheims), which brings together rap, rock, reggae, soul, metal and RnB artists on a joint called Going Insane.

On his last visit to Harare, the Germany-based rapper had armed himself with an HD camera and filmed and produced the pro-marijuana documentary Rolling, Smoking. In it, Metaphysics gets to the core of the issue conducting a vox pop on the streets and talking to the people about weed and what they think if it was legalised by the government.
Mungwadzi Godwin

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