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The Power of Collaborations: Winky D and Oliver Mtukudzi's Song to Encourage Circumcision

In the Zimbabwean music industry, collaborations between artists are not uncommon. In fact, they are often celebrated as a way of bringing together different talents and fan bases. One such collaboration that caught the attention of many was between Winky D and Oliver Mtukudzi, two of Zimbabwe's most prominent musicians.

The song titled "If you know you are a champion get circumcised" was aimed at promoting male circumcision, a practice known to reduce the risk of contracting HIV. The song was produced by Population Services International (PSI) and the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare's funders. The song was launched in Harare on January 19 2012, and it received a warm reception from the audience.

Winky D and Oliver Mtukudzi's Song to Encourage Circumcision

Winky D has been making waves in the music industry, and his fame has been growing steadily. In a recent interview, he claimed that he was more famous than the Chimurenga legend, Thomas Mapfumo, ever was in his heyday. However, this claim was dismissed by Mapfumo himself, who said that Winky D did not have enough stamps on his passport to match his own accomplishments.

Regardless of these claims, Winky D has been able to add another legend to his CV by collaborating with one of Zimbabwe's most beloved musicians, Oliver Mtukudzi. Collaborations like these are not only good for promoting different artists but also for promoting important social messages. Male circumcision is an issue that affects many people in Zimbabwe, and music has proven to be a powerful tool in promoting awareness and encouraging action. The song's lyrics were catchy, and its message was clear.

The song "If you know you are a champion get circumcised" was a success, and it shows that Zimbabwean musicians are not afraid to tackle important issues. As for Winky D and his claims of fame, only time will tell if he will reach the same heights as the legends that came before him.
Mungwadzi Godwin

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