Zimbabwean entertainment still being slept on as Big Brother Amplified star, Vimbai hosts brand new entertainment show on AfricaMagic

As Zimbabweans we are doing everything in our power to put ourselves on the African entertainment map but we still get sidelined on DSTV.. You only get Zimbabwean acts on the reality show Big brother but what about our music, what about our movies? I really get pissed when I hear this "African Entertainment" gospel. Which Africa are they talking about cuz Zim sure is Africa.. Wonder why Pan Africanism never worked?

Former Big Brother Amplified housemate from Zimbabwe Vimbai said she auditioned for Africa Majic's STAR GIST "an up-to-the-minute entertainment and trend news show" because she felt it was time to<--more--> get back on continental television and is passionate about African entertainment “This was the perfect opportunity to get deeply involved in the industry. STAR GIST is a watershed for African entertainment- it’s about finally giving our artists a platform to be celebrated and appreciated! This is the first time viewers will be able to step into the lives of their favourite African celebrities daily. If we do not celebrate our own, who will,” she says. So far she says she is loving learning more about her favourite African personalities. “We have so many more success stories than we give ourselves credit for”.

Me say, replace the word Africa with Zimbabwe in the above statement and we call it even.
Mungwadzi Godwin

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