Winky D: Life Yangu Album Art & Full tracklist + new leads to the widening rift with Sniper Storm

Life Yangu Album Art Front
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There is a lot of heated debates going on between MaNinja ne MaSoja on street corners
all over the country on who really is running the show between Sniper Storm and Winky D. With the recent commercial success of the Ninja president (Big Brother, Awards, Nominations, Hifa, UK etc) people are quickly writing Sniper off but in this game where you are only as good as your last transaction, critics are saying compared to Musarova Bigiman, Winky D's lead single off the just released Album titled Life Yangu  failed to generate the much needed momentum usually associated with the Ninjas whose reputation of releasing hits goes way back to the "Ndazovaona vane Godo" days.

Sniper Storm is still riding high off the waves of Love Yemusoja and has no doubt proved that he is indeed the longest saving general in the dancehall army with history that goes way back to the David Chifunyise "Tauya Naye Step Aside remix) late 90s.

However Winky has released the cover art of Life Yangu Album and the full track listing. In a track titled Rear View Mirror, Winky addresses all the backlashes and fake friends that came along with his success and the importance of friendship. He calls out his small powerfull circle (Ninja Cabinet) with names like Bobo, Freeman, Layaan and his road manager Jonathan Banda, Winky throws jabs at Sniper comparing his falling friendship with the General to that of the Urban grooves duo Xtra Large. "Layaan tarisa Norman naJimmy maroja, chifesi chakange chisiri chekupasana fodya zvakaitwa maninja nemasoja." which left me wondering what the Sojas really did to the Ninjas.

Life yangu Album is out now! Those within Harare can purchase the cd from OK 1st street and Jazz 105

Life Yangu Album Art Back

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