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Speaking candidly about her burgeoning love for filming, her humble beginnings as a member of a church video team, working with rap super stars like ILL Ceey and Tehn Diamond, our conversation with Kim Rudo does not only show how hungry the Degree in Motion Picture Medium honors student is but also how much the creative envelope is being pushed in the previously male dominated entertainment biz.  Recently, Kim has been involved in several creative visual endeavors, including directing and producing music videos, films and documentaries. Greedysouth caught up with her for this exclusive interview.

Is "Kimthefilmaker" the official Moniker or its just you on twitter?

"Kimthefilmmaker" is who I am, I'm Kim and I'm a film maker. But
most of my work has Kim Rudo or Kimberley Rudo on it.

How did you get into shooting and directing visuals

It's always been something I've been interested in, I always
liked the idea of capturing moments in life and knowing people can
watch them forever. But I started taking it seriously when I joined my
church video team and from then on its all I want to do. I'm actually
a producer, directing is something that's happened by accident really.

Can we really put you in a box when it comes to your craft, I mean
whats your specialty documentaries, movies or Music Vids?

I don't think I can be placed in a box, I'm just a film maker, I
love telling stories visually whether its documentaries, movies, music
videos or even photographs. But I think documentary film making is my
favourite so I would like to do more of it.

Tell us, really who is Kim and on a day to day basis what would she be
up to

Kim is just a normal girl, ok maybe not so normal, I have lots
of "crazy" moments but thats my normal. Lol. I'm a film student
studying for a B.A Honours Degree in Motion Picture Medium so you will
probably find me on my school campus somewhere working. And when I'm
not at school I'm planning shoots or shooting something. A lot of my
life revolves around film and making films and shooting things.

What really inspires you to get up everyday

Just the fact that I woke up and someone else didn't get that
same opportunity is inspiration enough it means I have another day to
do what I love and live out my God given purpose.

What do you think are the essentials to a good music video.

Essentials, hmmmm..... a good concept, a good camera, GREAT
lighting and an AMAZING team. Oh and the artist must have passion for
what they do cause it shows on screen.

Which artists have/ are you working with right now

I've worked with Tehn Diamond (on the doccie Breathe: The Life
and Rise of Tehn Diamond), I've worked with Ill Ceey, Reverb7 and
G.O.R.E. Then there's a few more artists might do stuff for but
nothing finalised yet.

Which body of work can you say was the best or the highlight of your
career and why

This is a tough one, I think all the projects I've worked on
have been a highlight cause they've shaped me as a film maker but I
guess the one that sticks out the most is my 3rd year graduation film
"Amari" which I got to showcase at Ster Kinekor Cinema Nouveau in
Rosebank. There's just something about showing your film in a movie
cinema that's just unreal and its something I will never forget (and
we had a sold out screening).

Take us through the process of shooting a music video

With music videos I like to meet the artist first get to know
them and find out what they are about, listen to their music, read
about them so I reflect who they really are and not what I think they
are. Then conceptualising begins, then once the concept is finalised
we go into pre-production. So pre-production is were we start
finalising the talent for the video, props, wardrobe, book locations,
book equipment, lock down crew, decide on the shot list, and finalise
a look and feel and just a lot of running around like a headless
chicken trying to get everything sorted in time. Then production which
is shoot day is set-up and making sure we have everything and then we
have fun and we shoot. Then post-production, editing of the video, it
takes forever and its tiring, but it's exciting cause you get to see
your work come to life.

How did you link up with iLL Ceey?

I've been a fan of Ill Ceey's music since I was 15 years old and
so I was always interested in what he was doing with his music, then
about a year ago I pitched a documentary idea but we haven't got round
to doing it yet. Then his managed called and inquired about a video,
we were going to shoot it in Joburg but while I was home during my
Dec/Jan break I was like hey why can't we shoot the video now in Zim
and so we did.

So when you guys were shooting "Business" there was a power cut and you lost some footage etc, I heard quite an interesting story can you tell us some of the behind the scenes fun facts about that classic

Fun facts... so many. So the plan for the video was to build a set
using flats but on the day of shoot we still didn't have the flats, so
first thing in the morning me and my crew went off to Mbare to buy
boards, and it was exciting times trying to negotiate the lowest price
and then once we had all our props we got to my house (well my parents
house) and started putting this set together in the garage. So yes the
set for the Business video was built in a garage (gorilla film making
101). So we start shooting and everything is going well then there's a
power cut, so we had to connect to generator power and shot for about
4 hours on generator. Then right at the end I was trying to put all
the footage together so it could be ready for the editor I realized I
didn't have all the footage on my laptop, so I had a moment thought I
was going to have a heart attack then realized I had just put it on
one of the other crew members laptops so we didn't lose anything which
was a big relief.

What do you think about our local music bis?
The local music scene is at an interesting point there's lots of
growth happening and its exciting to watch. There is so much potential
and I give it a few years our artists will be making it on the
international scene.

How big is your crew
It depends on what I'm working on. I've been a one man crew (bad
idea) but it ranges between 3 to 25 people.

Whats your budget say when shooting a Hip Hop video

Minimum US$800 but the more money an artist can put in the more
creative we can get with our imagination. Lol (that sounds bad but

How can artists get in touch with you?

email or twitter I'll respond as quick as I can.
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