First look: @mjmutuma's classic Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC

After trending on the social networks and being major topic of discussion from its debut cameo on AKA's Kontrol music video, Greedysouth visits Mr Mushambi Mutuma, a sneakerhead and car enthusiast to take a detailed look at the classic Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC. Mr Mutuma also breaks down what actually took AKA to put this beast in his visuals. Simply the best four-seater coupĂ© you could buy in the ‘80s, and there still can’t be a lot to compare them to today. Mercedes-Benz created something special by taking the best of the other SECs and adding fatter tyres, flared arches and a limited-slip diff. Check it out!

0-60mph: 6.8secs
Top speed: 156mph
Power: 295bhp
Torque: 335lb/ft
MPG: 18mpg

How deep is your love for classic cars?
There's nothing like a 100% real car. Real leather, real wood, real steel. No plastic. While there are a lot of amazingly designed cars right now they are lacking character and feeling. You don't have that problem in classic cars. Vintage Mercs exude raw luxury and class. I'll take a 70 or 80s joint before I ever buy a new car again.

Configuration: V8
Aspiration: Normal
Fuel: Petrol
Fuel delivery: Mechanical fuel injection

When u gon let me check out your sneakers collection?
Haha... one day. Put aside about half the collection to giveaway a few weeks ago, if you can imagine it was just getting way too big! Got a secret storage locker in LA locked up like a time capsule, call ya when I crack her open one day!

Would you let me ride her through the Jozi streets?
Let's just say that AKA is the first dude out of my mechanic (and one ill-fated car wash attendant) to ever drive my baby. But he paid me and I got to hold onto his new VW R for the day as collateral. Make me an offer!

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