Alpha Centauri - The Method Artwork, Tracklist + DL

Having already previewed some tracks off "The Method" in our previous posts, we would like to unveil the cover artwork, track list and link for the much anticipated Alpha Centauri debut mixtape released via the the rapper's tumblr  blog . 
The Method artwork has a great meaning for me. The reason why I chose this particular piece (Johan Bayer’s “Uranometria”) is because my name “Alpha Centauri” comes from a particular cluster of stars in the Centaurus constellation that is illustrated in this star atlas. I saw it fitting to use an image from the star atlas as the cover for my first musical project given that my initial inspiration stemmed from the very celestial bodies themselves, as well as the tales that surround not only the constellations, but also the Greek deities illustrated on the cover. Tales that we my bedtime stories as a child. 

Download The Method here

Godwin Mungwadzi

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