Four Singles to get your New Year started

Here, we present to you some tunes to kick start 2015 whilst giving a short recap of what has been a momentous year for our culture. Check them out below and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Shingi Mangoma Featuring Reverb 7


It’s rare to combine two geniuses and bring out genius work. That is what happens on this collaboration when Shingi Mangoma brings out her exceptional song writing and forced-mature
voice to blend well with Reverb 7’s genius instrumental who makes the record a truly contemporary
Zimbabwean record and story. We cannot wait for another collaboration rumoured to be dropping
later in the year.

Kanye West Featuring Sir Paul McCartney

Only One


Kim Kardashian has really done something to Ye. This is the first time in years that we have heard Kanye being this emotional and showing off his soft side on a record. Semi-sung, lyrics set on former Beatle band member, Sir. McCartney’s sultry piano are an interpretation of what Donda, Kanye’s
mother who died in 2007 might have said to her grand daughter had she had the opportunity to meet her. We cannot wait for the rest of the album.

Chashe and Tinashe Makura


Despite this song being released earlier in 2014, it is still a song about love and as they say, love is immortal. But the main reason why this record appears on this list is we had no idea that Shona
could sound so sexy. The team manage to bring in a whole new meaning to the word ‘Zvekupenga’.
The song is inspired by the lavish Bona Mugabe wedding; it is just proof that we have all the
inspiration that we need back at home to make great records. Despite slight pitchy parts in the song,
this is the ultimate record to fall in love to in 2015.


Stadium (5 Singles)


Since Beyoncé dropped that 2013 bomb on us, everyone is trying every gimmick possible. Maybe a
little bit too much. Akon kicked off the year by releasing 5 singles on his website. 5 songs can make
an Ep album but not if you are a global superstar out to prove a point. Each one of the  records
represent, in genre, each of the 5 albums that he is gong to release all at once later in the year. This
is one mammoth album so be ready for a year dominated by Akon. Listen at

Tariro Mushonga is a songwriter, music critic, an avid culture enthusiast and the editor of
Mabvazuva Magazine He writes here in his personal capacity

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