So Bobby Hundreds' entire sneaker collection got stolen smh, He still got a sick closet though, you have to see this

Chief creative officer and co-founder of streetwear brand "The Hundreds" Bobby Kim aka Bobby Hundreds recently opened up his closet doors for The Coveteur and reveals why there wasn't much inside
Let's be clear: we're not suggesting Kim's wardrobe is minimal by any means—his sneaker collection alone is substantial enough to warrant pretty considerable closet space compared to, let's say, your dad. But for someone hailing from the streetwear world, we were admittedly a little taken aback at first. Until, of course, we learned that Kim's pared down collection is a habit he came by the hard way. "In the late '90s, I used to be an avid sneaker collector. Then, my apartment got burglarized for my collection. I spent a good five minutes losing my mind, vowing bloody murder, renouncing mankind... Over a decade's worth of Dunks, Js, and other rarities I'd been gifted or discovered in an obscure Japanese boutique—gone! But then, I almost immediately felt silly; ashamed that I let something as material and inane as retro shoes govern my emotions (and my bank account)."

“[My advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is] first, have something to say. Second, add something new to the conversation. Don't just come in to repeat or recite what someone else has already stated. The best advice comes from the naysayers, the detractors, and the doubters, who think they've got me figured out, underestimate me, who are convinced they can predict the future. Without them, I wouldn't have anyone to fight against, prove wrong, and overcome.”

Peep some images below and head over to The Coveteur to check out the full story

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