Three reasons why you should hire Benjamin Juru to do your digital and social media [by @benjiejuru]

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So the jury is out, Zimbabwean companies are dismissing their employees willy-nilly following the Supreme Court ruling and fortunately I was one of the lucky ones who have been released to pursue their passions! Well this is not the topic for my discussion but a prelude to give context to this subject matter. I would like to proffer 3 reasons why any company or business should hire me for their digital and social media marketing services or for me to come train their team, very interesting indeed so let’s get into it!

I’ve the invaluable experience 

Let’s face it, some of you reading this article probably know me from my previous employment and for those who don’t, I used to work for Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network operator Econet Wireless before they released me to pursue my passion of helping companies get up to speed with digital marketing issues. During my time at Econet I was responsible for managing their social media, web and a bit of content marketing, you can check out their social media pages and get a clue as to the work I used to do. Need I blow my own trumpet, but I’ve the requisite in-depth experience that you need for your digital marketing efforts. In addition, my experience in social media has seen me invited to speak and to train at various forums locally and abroad with the most recent being the Marketers Association Zimbabwe Winter School in July 2015. Given that social media is still relatively new and most companies are still grappling with it, you would want to seriously consider hiring me full time or part time if you’re keen on going big in social!

You don’t know what you’re doing!

Allow me to be candid for once, but chances are that you don’t know what you’re doing. Most Zimbabwean companies have been quick to jump onto the social media bandwagon and suffice to say, it hasn’t been all rosy. I’ve witnessed numerous companies get it wrong with their social media efforts and for some, they are still grappling with how to derive maximum utility and get a return on social media investment. So if you find yourself asking these questions;
Is social media right for my brand?
Which social media platforms are right for me?
Can I derive bottom line impact through social media?
How do I navigate the social media jungle?

……then you need to get in touch with me ASAP. I can help your business derive tangible returns through social media, build your online visibility and ultimately create the sales leads you desperately need.

I’ve local understanding and global appreciation

Over the past year, there has been so many fly by night social media gurus who claim to be the best in the business and are going around proffering help to unsuspecting clients. Fair enough, one can never monopolize knowledge but my local hands on experience coupled with global appreciation through training and international courses I did, sets me shoulders above the majority. Digital and particularly social media requires an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the local environment because as Zimbabwe we are still a few steps back such that bringing someone from overseas to help you with digital media wouldn’t make sense. What you need for your local brand is an individual who has practical experience in digital marketing in Zimbabwe and also with an exposed mind to international trends, and look no further than me!

If you want to go big in digital marketing, my suggestion is that you need a qualified internal resource to manage your properties instead of outsourcing a social media specialist. This gives you the advantage of having 100% control and speed of execution of your plans.

In conclusion, besides the diploma I acquired in social media from the Digital Marketing Institute, below is a summary of skills and competencies that I’ve acquired in my career in digital marketing so far;
Social media management – all round understanding and practical appreciation of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram. This encompasses social media advertising, online reputation management and social caring and listening on all the aforementioned platforms.
Online advertising – practical experience in running lead generation campaigns across online banners and search marketing ads via Google Adwords. Certified in Google analytics.
Search engine optimization – experienced in On and Off site optimization of your website to improve your website search rankings on Google.
Content marketing – content creation, curation and publishing for your brand across the web and social media.

So the ball is in your court! If you’re interested and want me to help your company on part time, full time, or consulting agreement or even to come train your team get in touch with me on or mobile +263774959595. Check my LinkedIn for my full profile.

This article was written by Benjamin Juru and published on LinkedIn
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