Sommelier Tinashe Nyamudoka Talks To Wine Enthusiast Magazine About The Wine & Food Scene In Cape Town

A veteran of Cape Town’s upscale dining scene since his arrival in 2008, scoring wine gigs at The Roundhouse, Reuben’s and Nobu, Zimbabwe-born Tinashe Nyamudoka has his fingers set firmly on the city’s gastronomic pulse. Wine Enthusiast Magazine interviewed the 30-year-old sommelier, who currently works at the 28th best Restaurant in the world, about his laid-back approach to wine, why you should be passionate about vintners, and how Bourbon is making a splash in local bars of Cape Town
Generally we are a Brandy drinking nation, but Bourbon is fast finding its way with the popular brands becoming more readily available, like Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s, Maker’s Mark, Buffalo Trace, etc. Craft Bourbons are still hard to come by. I do stock a few in the shop and usually at the end of a Saturday night after a long working week, I enjoy a pour of Woodford Reserve on the rocks. I also enjoy Knob Creek and Maker’s Mark. These are full-bodied, well rounded and smooth. They always have that burn which I crave, but perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the oak and a lovely vanilla and caramel finish.

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Source: Wine Enthusiast Magazine

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