Bridging the Zim & international music gap: We take a look at some of the songs producer Philip “Pip” Kembo has worked on

Zimbabwe-based music producer Philip “Pip” Kembo continues to bridge the gap between the Zimbabwean and worldwide music industry. He follows fellow Zimbabwean music producers and close friends Tinashe Sibanda (Chris Brown, Jason Derulo) and Brian Soko (Beyonce, Lil Wayne) in doing so. Pip’s extraordinary talent has allowed him to regularly work with the industry’s best producers such as Lovy Longomba (Grammy nominated producer of Iggy Azaelia’s “Change Your Life”) and a number of others. Pip says, “I’m passionate about showing the world what Zimbabwe has to offer. Its such a musically gifted country and I’ve always wanted to be a part of showcasing that on a global scale”. Pip’s Discography already impressive discography continues to grow and he has produced songs for top artists in Zimbabwe, Europe and The United States.

We’ve taken a look at a selected discography of songs produced by Pip Kembo.

Maximus “Moochie”                                         #1 ZiFm Stereo (2009)
TK Paradza “Got Me On Fire”                         #1 ZiFm Stereo (2012)
Sion Elliot “Other Side of The Moon”              #1 on Beatport   (2011)
Dutch ft Maximus “The Ntsiri”                         #3 ZiFm Stereo (2013)
Taps Mugadza “Drummer Boy”                       #5 ZiFm Stereo  (2013)
Simba Tags “Outta My Head”                           #8 ZiFm Stereo  (2010)
Chris Batson “Circles”                                                                 (2013)
Maryann Vasquez “Priscilla’s Song” ; “Eyes Closed”                (2012)
Con-verse “Bantam Music” “Psalngs About Women”                 (2011)

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