Conversation with Swayz : Chasing his dreams or working '9-5'?

Introducing Swayz, a budding Zimbabwean rapper, based in Canada. Born, Cyril Gwaze, Swayz moved to Ottawa to pursue his studies at the age of 19. He completed two programs in college, an Introduction to Concept Art and Interactive Media Design. Armed with his passion for arts and visuals Swayz now runs his own business, The Motion Hive. His company focuses on video production and graphic design but he is also known for his photography and digital art

Conversation with Swayz : Chasing his dreams or working '9-5'?

If his name sounds familiar, you’re not dreaming. He did dabble in the local music scene as a teenager. His first radio single was produced by Youngnash, titled “Time is Money” but back then he just did the music for fun.

Today, Swayz has changed up his creative process and plans to create more rhymes that grab your attention. “I put as many metaphors as I can,” he says. "You have to listen a couple of times to get it." On an international level, he is inspired by artists like A$AP Rocky, Tory Lanez and Jaden Smith. His favourite local artists are Simba Tagz, Youngnash, Tehn Diamond and Jnr Brown.

Swayz is also a huge Big Sean fan. In fact, he met him in 2015 at a meet and greet after waiting in line just to rap for him. Although that was not his big break Swayz says that now that he is done with school he will return to music on a more consistent basis. He plans to release more songs this year and work on an EP.

Based on our chat Swayz will continue to chase his music dreams while working on growing his company!

Listen to his second single "Phase One" on Soundcloud and watch the dope visuals below.

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