Three reasons you should host Zimtotheworld on Snapchat

Zimtotheworld is an online movement connecting Zimbabweans all over the world through social media.
I spoke to admin, Sly, who created the Snapchat account late last year following the success of the Instagram account as a space to share jokes and/or memes about Zimbabweans.

If you're an avid snapchatter here is why you should host or simply add Zimtotheworld:

1. Exposure
Depending on how entertaining the host is you can get up to 6,000 views. On a regular basis you will have anywhere between 2,500 - 3,500 a day almost guaranteed. Artists, entrepreneurs, promoters, models, dancers, Youtubers, personal trainers, the list is endless for the people with different backgrounds and professions that can host on a daily basis.  
As a host you can link everyone to your own social media, websites, portfolios, etc., and give them a good idea of what you're about. Sounds like free promo to me!

 2. Entertainment
There are almost no rules when it comes to hosting, all you have to do is DM Zimtowtheworld and let them know you would like to host. If you are Zimbabwean you're good to go.   
My favourite part about it is you can meet new people in your area or see what it's like to live somewhere else! I also enjoy hearing what people are listening to, it's an easy way to stay up-to-date with music.

3.  Community
 There are several other Zimbabwean platforms on Snapchat such as 263connect, zimbopals, zimuk just to name a few but what makes Zimtotheworld unique is the admin often jumps on if there is no host and entertains people consistently.
Sly says he enjoys putting everything together like a show. His favourite part about being admin is
"exchanging with random people and the sense of community around it."

If you are not a fan of Snapchat you can still follow Zimtowtheworld on  Instagram and Twitter and connect with people there!

Let me know what you love or hate about platforms like Zimtotheworld on Twitter?

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