Listen to Jazz Prosper's new song titled 'Pidigu'

Rising artist Jazz Prosper real name (Prosper Mutsokoti) has released his new record
‘Pidigu’ produced by Mono Mukundu and Dereck Mpofu. Jazz Prosper is a multi-
genre artist signed to Anashe Media Group and is making his mark in the
Zimbabwean music scene. His most recent record alongside top house DJ Reverb7 is
the smash record ‘Kabhebhi Bho’ currently on rotation on all radio channels.

Jazz Prosper shared, “I am really excited to release ‘Pidigu’ it’s a song about love,
pain and healing in relationships. I thank the production maestro Mono Mukundu and
the super talented Dereck Mpofu for producing the record.” Jazz Prosper has been
quietly travelling and working in studios in Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe
building his artist profile, “I have an awesome Afrobeat record with Zambia’s
Roberto of the Amarulah fame produced by Youngnash and recently Jah Prazah was
kind enough to invite me to his studio, we have a BIG record titled ‘Shereni’ due for
release soon.

You can follow Jazz Prosper on Twitter and Instagram @JazzProsper, ‘Pidigu’ is available on all platforms and free to listen and download below.

Godwin Mungwadzi

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