Conversation with Asaph: "I believe my music will unite the youth"

Did you know Asaph was the name of one of the many authors in the Book of Psalms?

"He was a musician and the name means "Jehova has gathered," says rapper Tafadzwa Tarukwana.

He decided to go by Asaph because he strongly believes his music will gather all the youth of Zimbabwe.

The Burg Boiz member started making music in 2007, he recorded for the first time when he was just in form three. Ten years later, navigating the hip-hop industry is not a simple feat he explains.
"The economic situation makes it difficult because we cant make profitable careers out of this music," Asaph says.

"It's not easy continuing to chase the dream in this situation but every time we see posts from people showing our music love or we meet someone in the street who tells us what our music means to them we get very encouraged."

As a musician based in Bulawayo where he was born and raised Asaph draws inspiration from life itself . "I could read a newspaper article from the Bmetro and find inspiration, I can sit on the City Hall benches and overhear conversations around me and find inspiration," he says.  This is what he says "keeps him original" because he creates music through the stories he sees and hears on a daily basis.

On Nov. 11 Asaph premiered his new album titled, Twenty Five. He describes the project as "10 tracks of reality, pain, joy, anger and much more. This will be my most diverse project to date in terms of sound and features."

For the rest of 2017, Asaph says he plans to "get people dancing" but aside from the music he is passionate about trying to find ways to get involved in educating young people on how to deal with all the pressures of life and help them shape their lives for the better.
Sounds like he is living up to his name.
You can listen to 10:19 a single off his latest project here
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