Vimbai Mutinhiri talks about the best pick up line she ever heard, inspiration and her ultimate dream

Vimbai Mutinhiri sat down with GQ for a candid interview where she explains how she left Zimbabwe with only $200 to chase her dreams, and now she is a self-made woman who presents and produces shows and has made a success of herself. "It’s that magic. I’m always hungry for the next big thing for myself – I’m a goal-digger. After being on Big Brother and having the continent’s attention, I knew there was something out there for me. So I started searching – at some point I thought the direction of my life was music, but TV found me, and the moment I knew I loved it and I was good at it, I made it a point to learn as much about it as I possibly could." she says.

Later on, Vimbai explained how hard it was to build a flourishing career in another country; "Anytime I got a job the first thing anyone would ask is: ‘why couldn’t they find someone from here?’ And often there was an undertone from my colleagues as well with the same sentiment. So I constantly had to prove myself and outdo myself whilst respecting and embracing Nigerian culture. It was lonely. But soon enough people got used to seeing my face daily on their TV screens, and in due time they began to respect me as someone who is great at what she does then people started forgetting that I’m not even Nigerian."

Vimbai revealeed that the worst pick up line she ever heard was, You are finer than the inside of an aeroplane. "It got me giggling, but it ended right there." she says; and the best? "Do you want to get something to eat? I fall for food every time." Read the full interview on GQ.

Mungwadzi Godwin

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