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Aktive DJ aka Simba Nengomasha has released his debut single. Aktive has been pushing his work through mixtapes and guest mixes on The Big Show on ZiFm Stereo. Chido is Aktive Dj’s first single which is performed by Mr. Rebel and Dough Major. 

Mr Rebel and I already had plans of working together on a number of songs and ‘Chido’ became the first song we were going to release. When we recorded the first part, I took my time to really find a person who could fill up the gap and that person was supposed to express the way I was feeling in both English and Shona. I hit up Dough Major and it didn’t take him much time to put on his verse. 

Talking about the inspiration of the single, Aktive added that the track was inspired by a dark period in his life after an abrupt break-up. He engaged the expertise of Mr Rebel because he believed he could channel and translate his emotions into melody. 

The track speaks to everyone who is in any line of work which might affect their relationships. 

Aktive confirmed that this single is making way for upcoming projects with Dizzy Dee, Mr Rebel and Coco weAfrica. 

Stream Chido below and let us know what you think.

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Stream Chido here

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