Nutty O - Safe: A pandemic hit

Something about Nutty O’s new release that hugs your soul and reassures you. The introduction of the SimDoc-assisted visuals has endorsements from Icon Records Jamaica, UK and Daddy K. Nutty O’s effortless and flawless blend of english and shona lyrics prove the genius he is. 

Nutty O - Safe
Nutty O

The vibey hook of the Angeo Pablo produced track has definitely stole the hearts of lovebirds across the country and diaspora who haven’t seen their loved ones during this pandemic. Rain Jasmin bodies her role as Nutty O’s love interest. Nutty O’s career has been nothing short of exciting!

Kurisei? Are you safe? Ndichakufonera chete! ndobva ndakutaurira love and affection!

Gerald Muchandiona

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