Book Review: Déjà vu by Rufaro Chengeto Mayowe.

Déjà vu is a poetry collection by self published author and poet Rufaro Chengeto Mayowe. It's her first published work and it was released a year ago on Amazon via Kindle Direct Publishing. Déjà vu is a french term which directly translated means "already seen". In the intro to her book the author describes the aim of the poems as being to resonate with the reader, whether it being an emotion previously experienced in the past or a present feeling or even an anticipated feeling in the future.

She writes effortlessly and in the simplest of English, defying the long believed myth that poetry consists of complex language. From the first page to the last, her book is a journey of discovery. Discovering emotions and her story through poetry.

The book contains five chapters which are;

Letters to my father

Telepathy between hearts

The other side of happy

Love yourself

Letters to myself 

Letters to my father is a dedication to loss. Those who have lost someone and it is a chapter driven by Rufaro's loss of her father. It touches places deep and speaks of the unimaginable pain of losing a parent. A lot of the works speak on the nature of time and how it cannot be turned back. It's a message on living within the now and absorbing the experiences we have with those we love before their gone.

Our pick from the chapter:

Telepathy between hearts features poems about the different sides of love and the chapter speaks on hope for a love that completes us and the pain for all the times our hearts were broken. It features a lot sensual poems that seem to be in tune with Rufaro's writing style. She not only writes for herself but asks the reader to be in the same situation.

Our pick from the chapter:

The other side of happy has pieces that were inspired by the author's loss of close friends and the depression felt after her father's loss. It's also about all times she felt she wasn't good enough and she uses her writing as a way of dealing with everything.

Our pick from the chapter: 

Love yourself is inspired by stories of insecurities and it carries a message on loving your flaws. The author seeks to help everyone see that they're beautiful. To look past imperfections and gain acceptance.

 Our pick from the chapter:

Letters to myself are the authors personal poems to herself. Messages written in good times and lighter moments. They're a message that seeks to show that what others experience could be the same as what you go through.

Our pick from the chapter:

Greedysouth rating: 6.5/10

Déjà vu is available for purchase via Rufaro's website: 

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