Watch Sanii Makhalima - Dzave Ndangariro Video

Sanii has released his second single Dzave Ndangariro off his upcoming B-rokenhearted album releasing this September. The track explores the plight of a heart broken men seeking closure. Sanii has a skillful way of communicating matters of the heart musically which makes him an exceptional artist. This is what Sanii had to say about this track;  

Dzave Ndangariro is a song that speaks of holding onto the memories of a past love. It was written on the premise where you call the person you love after you have broken up. You explain to them that you are leaving and relocating and may not EVER see them again. You ask to see them just one more time so as to get a sense of closure regarding your past love. To see their smile, face and to smell their scent. They refuse to meet or see you. This leaves you shattered and broken once again as all you have left now are bitter sweet memories. Nonetheless, you pickup the bits and pieces of whats left of your heart and you eventually leave. The memories linger and now, those sad & happy memories are the last memories you have of that person you so deeply love.

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