Zim Hip Hop star and Media Personality Black Bird the Bantu Queen Introduces Her Own Radio Station; BANTU FM

Introducing Bantu FM, a new Radio Station. Bantu FM is a Pan-Afrikan, Black Consciousness inspired radio station unifying Africans globally. Bantu FM is owned by the talented Zimbabwean Hip Hop musician Queen Bantu Black Bird aka Nonkululeko Vundla. This move doesn’t come as a surprise to those who have been following her journey because she has always been a trendsetter, in case you forgot she was the FIRST female Zimbabwean rapper to release a Hip Hop album back in 2010 and 2014 Best Female Rapper at the Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards. 

Black Bird is no stranger to the airwaves, she used to be a radio presenter at Zimpapers’ Star FM back in 2013. Black Bird has also worked for Zambian radio stations Zambezi FM and Pan African Radio. Her TV background includes producing  and hosting a TV show called the HotBox on ZTV, working for Channel O and other Multichoice TV channels and presenting a daily music request show called Press Play in 2019 at Zambian TV station Fresh TV. With her journalism background her move of starting a radio station defies all odds and curves her a throne in the history books. BANTU FM is 100% Afrikan owned and run media and broadcasting company founded in 2020. The station embodies the principles of Ubuntu  and their tagline is “BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE”.

Some of the programmes on BANTU FM station include; 

• The Ubuntu Drive with Dj P’laya (Saturdays 10pm-2AM CAT). 
• Get money Mondays hosted by Teekay the Money Guy
• Our Story with Haki Kweli Shakur (Monday-Friday 12PM-2PM CAT)
• Rhymes and Rhythm hosted by King Aijalon and King Taquee (Thursdays)
• George Jackson University hosted by Bomani Shakur. 
• Kutoka Afrika which showcases traditional afrikan music every Sunday. (Sundays, 8am - 10am CAT) 
• Afrikan Kidz Connect hosted by Nia (Saturdays 12PM - 2 PM CAT) 
• The Afrikan Pulse hosted by Bantu Queen (Mondays 8PM CAT)
• Flashback Friday with Robbie Tee 
• Pure Gold and Green (Tuesdays 2-4PM CAT) 
• Soul food therapy with which showcases cooking lessons with professional Chef Mike (Sat 1 PM CAT). 
• EARGROUND - Plot Mhako and King Boaz (SAT/SUN 6PM CAT. 

Queen Bantu Black Bird had this to say about the inception of BANTU FM; 

I started Bantu FM to be a platform for African people around the world to connect with each other and celebrate our shared Heritage and culture. For that reason we have several  talk show hosts from the USA .. Our programming is structured to connect those on the continent with the African American community. Bantu FM also strives to promote unheard black talent from all over the planet giving preference to unsigned artists in our music playlists. Having worked for different broadcasters over the past 18 years, across three countries I have discovered that females are often made management but they are not owners at these radio and TV stations. I found it very disturbing that in a continent with majority female population, men still dominate the ownership and control of most broadcasting houses.  I think opening Bantu FM will  be the beginning of a new chapter for women in media as they see that we don't just have to be the eye candy and on air talent, but we can actually create and run our own radio and TV stations. Independently owned media is one of the most important parts of Africa's development and I believe that Vision 20/20 will entail women taking up more space and having more control in the media sector. 

Congratulations to the Queen. Keep up with Bantu FM on www.bantufm.com
Gerald Muchandiona

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