A Mixologist, A Rapper And A Photographer Walk Into A Bar; The Story Of The Mixologist, Will I Are, Soko Matemai And Kong

A mixologist, a rapper and a photographer walk into a bar, what are they drinking? Not sure? Well the answer you're looking for is KONG. The brainchild that comes out when two inspiring arts are combined. The art of music and the art of mixology. Here is the story as The Mixologist (Ashler Jaya) tells it on her Twitter thread:

So, I had a wild idea. What would happen when a mixologist, a visual storyteller & a poetic rapper got together to work on an abstract concept?

I reached out to Soko Matemai, who at the time had just released his song YeMarasta Haipotse. 

The title in itself and the lyrical content spoke to an ambitious young dreamer. 

So I engaged Soko and bounced off the idea to him, he was game.

William Karimatsenga (The visual story teller/Photographer) has been a long time collaborator, always ready to work on new ideas. He was also on board.



We came together for a shoot on Sunday with Soko Matemai and William. The day was hectic at first, but that is a story for another day, lol. 

I was expectant but was not sure how the execution would tally with my vision and I am glad that it exceeded my projections.


And as is with all good creative projects, they inspire spin-off ideas. I also came up with a recipe for a custom YeMarasta Haipotse inspired recipe called Kong.


🥃 60ml Light Rum

🥃 120ml Freshly Juiced Pineapple 

🥃 Granadine 

🥃 Fresh lime Juice

🥃 Mint

Will I Are (William Karimatsenga) was influential behind the concepts of this shoot. He's a photographer and designer with Waloko studios and in his recent work he boasts of shooting Takura on the set of his latest song It's okay not to be okay.

Yemarasta haipotse is a drill song that features that has the high intensity of grime but it's filled with distinct Zimbabwean flavour through Shona lyrics in the chorus and on the verses. Although molded after the UK rap sound the track has its own originality and there's a vibe to it. As a dreadlocked cadre myself I can endorse the message of the track without a doubt because yemarasta haipotse (The plans of one who's dreadlocked never miss).

We expect KONG to be added to The Mixologist's menu soon and we can't wait to taste it. You can checkout Soko Matemai's track below:

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