Kazz Khalif drops new single “Snap That”

Kazz Khalif has in no way been quiet throughout 2020, in fact with all the collaborations he's jumped on and thrown our way, it's safe to say,  we've been kept entertained!

Snap That is a very welcomed solo single! It's relevant, catchy, summery, it has the smoothest melodies and vocals to match! It's one of those singles that'll not only replay in your head but have you moving in your seat as soon as you hear the beat!

SNAP THAT is an afrobeat track with an influence of highlife and R&B patterns. The song is about social media and how we use it in our daily lives. The lyrics are all about connecting with each other. Over all it is easy on the ears and very relatable with today’s generation.

The beat was produced by the very talented Scott Whitman who is also known for working alongside Darren B, Dane Bowers, and most recently DJ Ironik. His magical touch has given the track a fusion of flavour and we are totally for it.

Stream the single here.

Gerald Muchandiona

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