Gemma Griffiths Drops +263 Alongside Nutty O and Asaph

Nutty O and Gemma had been hinting at a collaboration for a while and it was finally confirmed earlier this week. The two artists had taken a hiking trip together to the Chimanimani mountains where they made it to the top of Mt Peza. When Gemma dropped the announcement of her upcoming single we were surprised to see it not only featured Nutty O but one of Zim hip-hop's men of the moment in Asaph. The single came accompanied with visuals that were released on Gemma's YouTube channel.

Gemma starts off the song with, "Moyo wangu wakamerera pauri..." This sets off the theme of the tune as a love long. It's a softly sang record that carries this mellow vibe throughout. The instrumental sounds like a creation of live instruments and that digital sound is almost completely scrubbed off. Gemma serenades us with beautiful vocals and after my first listen I was already singing along to the chorus; "So call me up, call me up, call me after midnight I'll wait up for you..."

Nutty O gives us those Jamaican vibes that have made him a renowned hitmaker and Asaph's hip-hop flavour is the perfect last ingredient needed for this musical concoction. It's not Gemma's best work but it's up there, it gives off great vibes and if you're a lover you'll definitely want to dial up someone on that +263 dial code for a late night call. There's great production work by Charlie Kay along with the beautiful guitar strummings of Matthew Mattlixcs Ngorima.

The video quite captures the vibe of the song but it doesn't truly tell the story of a lover desiring that late night call. There's great choreography and on screen dancing from The Sheroes and Ricardo Dayu. The video delivers a lot more vibes than storytelling but it's still well worth the watch. The director Marc Neilson has been delivering amazing content and he also did the visuals for Gemma's Ndinewe single.

Checkout the visuals for +263 below:

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