99 Lives: the TICH MATAZ story - One of the Most Iconic African Media Personalities Finally Does A Tell-All

SoProfound! SoProfound! SoProfound! What a legend! A radio personality, MC, songwriter, poet and content creator are among many hats the man whose story telling can be compared to no other. He continues to fill the HUGE void in the Zimbabwe Entertainment history. Arnold is the same man who brought us the Chamhembe story and recently sat down with the living African media legend; the one and only TICH MATAZ! The radio god in flesh - Tichaona Matambanadzo. The Zimbabwean media history is very incomplete without the Tich Mataz story! The man with 99 lives (literally). The man who conquered any media and advertising space in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa in the 1990s and still a very active media veteran as l pen this. I was patiently waiting for all episodes of the Tich Mataz story to drop so l can share with you an appreciation of this project. My November in 2020 was never the same when the Tich Mataz story dropped. Tich Mataz has never had such an indepth tell-all conversation capturing the highlights of his career. Trust SoProfound to ask all the right questions! Boy he did hit a home-run!  What a genius! 

Arnold Chrimika engaged Tich Mataz for a 3 hour conversation which was broken down in 5 weekly episodes (with an exception of a double drop). In the episodes Tich details his childhood and becoming the first black student at Ruzawi School. He attributes his schooling at Ruzawi and his work ethic to have opened up opportunities for him such as working for Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) at a very tender age which he equated to working for Google in this day and age.  Tich's work was (still is) exceptional that Radio BOP in South Africa head hunted him to extend his wings into South Africa. The veteran broadcaster became such a success in South Africa becoming the first black person to work for 5FM. His work attracted endorsements from Reebok, BMW, just to name a few. He met Michael Jackson twice! Waiiit, why am l even unpacking it all for you? Do yourself a big favour and watch the Tich Mataz story. As the modern day philosopher and rapper Jnr Brown would say in Mariachi's Salisbury banger; 

Ndikufeeler kunge Tich Mataz kuma90s

Episode 1: FIYO (Highfields) 


Episode 2: Radio 3


Episode 3: Radio BOP


Episode 4: Rainbow Nation (South Africa)


Episode 5: Checkmate


Gerald Muchandiona

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