Kirsty Coventry Named African Swimmer of the Millennium

Kirsty Coventry, the current Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation in the Cabinet of Zimbabwe was selected as Swimming World Magazine’s African Female Swimmer of the Millennium’s First 20 Years, finishing ahead of finalists Farida Osman of Egypt and Tatjana Schoenmaker of South Africa.

Kirsty Coventry reached the Olympics as a teenager in 2000. While she didn’t win any medal in Sydney, it was the beginning of the most successful swimming career in African history winning 7 Olympic medals in her lifetime - more than any other African in history and broke 5 swimming world records whilst at it.

Below are the top 3 African swimmers of the millennium according to Swimming World
Well done Kirsty!

1. KIRSTY COVENTRY, Zimbabwe (9)
2. Farida Osman, Egypt
3. Tatjana Schoenmaker, South Africa
(First-place votes in parentheses)
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