Nash TV Riddim 2 Pan De Mic Is Here

Nash TV Riddim 2 Pan De Mic has been released and it has an all star list of chanters who decided to take it on. Firstly we have to give Oskid his credit for a beat that's out of this world, this Pan De Mic could stand toe to toe with any of his best work. They're Zim dancehall legends like Freeman, Dobba don, King Shaddy Guspy Warrior and many up and comers like Kadjah and Ma9nine. Over 30 artists took on the riddim to be honest it wasn't much of a challenge because Oskid made sure the riddim did more than half the work.

Without a doubt the women came to play on this one and from Lady Bee to Daruler to Natasha Muz to Kadjah they gave the men a run for their money. Van Choga was up to his usual antics and you couldn't help but be entertained by his energy and insane seeming acting. Jah Bob gave us one of the more entertaining songs with his vocal impersonation of the Robert Mugabe on a track called Toitasey. But hands down Kadjah was outstanding on this beat, she takes her top spot with the track Murder Dem and everyone else comes after her.

Nash TV Colour Vibes continues to be an amazing platform for showcasing new talent and supporting those in the industry. The videos although simple in nature are not missing on entertainment value and their a springboard to phenomenal success. Jah Master's Hello Mwari has hit over 3 million views and it was recorded on the same platform.

Here is Greedysouth's top ten off the riddim in no particular order:

Kadjah - Murder Dem

Elcee Gweja - Ginimbi King Shaddy - Simuka Vakuone Magaivha - Pfumvu Ricky Fire - Kana Zvishiri Dhadza ft Freeman - Mhofela AK 47 - Mwari Muhombe Ma9nine - Ngonana Nce Natasha Muz - Vavengi Bazooker - Chi Chakadaro
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