Piers Morgan Reacts to Munya Chawawa's Major Label Debut Song As Unknown P: Here Is The Music Video

A few weeks ago, Zimbabwean comedian Munya Chawawa also known as UK's first posh drill rapper - Unknown P announced to have signed a record deal with Atlantic records and hit the ground running. He has just released his debut single, titled Piers Morgan in mock tribute to a man he calls “this holy grail of middle class-ness, the ultimate mark of success to Unknown P.”


After sharing his initial reaction in the embedded tweet above, Piers treated viewers to the sounds of the hilarious track during an episode of Good Morning Britain as co-host Susanna Reid joined Piers in dancing to the song as the music video played, before he asked: "What am I? I’m a rap icon?" He then quipped: "I’m a drill sergeant." "Who is this guy? My kids have all heard of him. Everyone says this guy is well known, I’ve never heard of him," Piers confessed before offering Munya a guest spot on next Monday’s episode. 
Learning the absurd affectations of the rich inspired the character of Unknown P, the name a riff on famous drill rapper Unknown T. Check out the music video for Piers Morgan below. The song was produced by Rhymez, another Zimbabwean based in the UK. The song is distributed by Warner Music Group, the parent label for Atlantic Records. Stay tuned for more

Mungwadzi Godwin

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