Poptain Premiers New Song Tetena Amount

Poptain has been on fire in 2020 and there seems to be no stopping him. Fresh from the breakout success of Kokai which featured Nutty O, he has released a new song titled Tetena Amount. The song talks about spending the money you worked so hard for through-out the year and just enjoying your money. It also talks about as much as you enjoy your money you must also be careful how you spend it. In Poptain's words "Winners no when to stop the gamble”.

The song features a great blend of Jazz, Zim dancehall and Jamaican flavours. It has Poptain's typical fun nature and it's definitely a vibe for celebration. The video is the work of Edible Elevens and captures a mood that says get up and dance. It's the same feeling that has been in Poptain's previous hits like Fadza Mutengi and Kokai.

“I decided to drop the video now as the song is a party song. I wanted people to understand it better and follow the dance moves while singing along. I call the dance move ‘party moves’ but my wife said they are ‘mirror moves’ because they originated from dancing while looking and admiring myself in the mirror," said Poptain in an interview.

Checkout the video below:

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