My Type The Latest Single From Soul Deep

After a short sabbatical which saw her not only taking time out from music but social media, SoulDeep is back with new music. Her latest single is a soulful tune titled My Type. In discussing the somg she said she wanted listeners to know that it's an open letter to all believers that struggle with issues of sexuality. To know that whatever it is, you're not alone and who you are or have been, doesn't need to be who you will be.

When I asked her what she defines as her sound she said, "I don't know. Alternative? Experimental? I have always been about tapping into different sounds and genres, and doing all sorts of things with my voice. In the past I have done mostly house, but it was never my intention to be a house artist. If you want to put me in a category, I guess it can be RnB/Soul for now, could be anything else tomorrow."

And taking a look at her discography you can clearly see how she dives into different sounds but this latest single truly brings out her soulful/RnB side. Checkout My Type below:

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