Checkout Dzebedu by Garry Mapanzure x Andy Muridzo

Garry Mapanzure 

The African Sushi collaborates Andy Muridzo for a new 2021 release. Not in a million years did l ever imagine a Garry Mapanzure and Andy Muridzo track! Jusa proved me wrong.  Geez 🙆🏾‍♂️ What a banger though. 

What can one expect when you put the best singers on one song? A vocal gym, if not a vocal relay. The vocal ability presented in this song is so amazing, serving the listener with assorted pitches from both singers hence l likened the vocal exchange to a 2 men relay. The song is just that great. Yes. 

Andy Muridzo

In all its uniqueness I managed to pick up at least 3 languages in Dzebedu. Muridzo brought to the table the much needed experience. The song paints a environment full of good vibes to let loose and pull out all your best dance moves. I have never heard Shona sound so good, my ears lost me a bit.  Check the song out and let us know what vibes you are getting; 

Gerald Muchandiona

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