Roy And Royce Still Going Strong 19 Years Later

Roy and Royce 

Legendary twins Roy and Royce Gomo who rose to fame in the early 2000s in the Zimbabwean music scene and are still going strong almost 19 years later. The duo made a name for themselives in 2002 with hits such as Handiregi. Handiregi became a monster hit which resonated with many as it largely reflected and represented the migration of Zimbabwean towards the diaspora in search of ‘greener pastures’

The singing duo cemented their superstar status with their 2003 Tenda album which made them household names. After their 2005 releases the pair rather went musically quiet or a hiatus? Fast forward 2017 the pair made an appearance on Mono Mukundu’s Anatha 8 collection with an offering titled “Pahukama”.

Almost 19 years in the game and they are still behind the mic showcasing their passion. The duo recently released a single titled MusodziMusodzi a shona word meaning tears. The offering explores themes the duo has explored over the years which are mainly romance and relationships. On this particular release they narrow the conversation to toxic nature of some unions. Delivered in a signature slow and mellow exchange between the twins. Check out Musodzi below

Gerald Muchandiona

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