Shingai Starts A #TooBold Campaign To Inspire Women To Defy All Societal Limitations

Shingai “Shingai Elizabeth Shoniwa” is an independent Zimbabwean-British singer, songwriter and musician. She is best known as the vocalist and bassist for the UK Indie rock band ‘Noisettes’. She started breaking new ground in the mid-2000s with a certified platinum band she was part of ‘The Noisettes’. They toured the world and went to events such as ‘Lake of Star’ in Malawi and ‘HIFA’ in Zimbabwe. This was at a time when British guitar music was at its height and to date she has stepped to the top releasing a host of amazing tunes in her distinct and unique sound. Shingai has released outstanding music such as ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Tsitsi’ which brought out her Bantu and Zimbabwean heritage. ‘We roll’ another release of Shingai’s is currently doing well on the charts as well as on youtube. She is also a niece to Zimbabwean music legend Thomas Mapfumo and she has shared the stage with Dr. Oliver Mtukudzi on his 60th birthday back in 2012.

She recently released the ‘Too Bold Diamond’ remix visuals featuring Nova Twins, Tawiah, Celisse Henderson, Ala.Ni, MVM, Jelly Cleaver and Megan Coleman. This song unifies a whole host of female talent. It is extremely rare to see so many female artists from different genres/ scene in one video. The video was filmed by multi-award-winning director Sheila Nortley (Ghana-UK) in Crystal Palace Park (South London).

Shingai launched an online campaign which followed the release of “Too Bold Diamond Remix”. This campaign sees Shingai interacting with different Strong Zimbabwean women in the industry on various social media platforms. Shingai is expected to spend most of her year in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa promoting her album, interfacing while collaborating and partnering with African brands and artists.

The Too Bold video is an inspiration for girls to defy all limitations put on them and affirm their right to be bold, bright and beautiful. The challenge invites people to post a childhood picture of themselves followed by the hashtag #toobold and #TooBoldChallenge. This challenge is fitting for all hard-working Queens to take part of and share their stories.



Gerald Muchandiona

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