Likkle Art Gives Us "Nhasi Haasi Mangwana" Another Levels Production

Nhasi haasi mangwana is a song full of optimism, loosely translated the title means "Today is not tomorrow" which speaks of the changing of fortunes. The song has a vibrant instrumental which combined with the catchy chorus has a way of just sticking in your head. Likkle art excels with the lyrical delivery and the depth of his message is something beyond his years. The video features the typical ghetto aesthetics and dancehall choreography while trying to show the story of Likkle art rising from humble beginnings.

Nhasi haasi mangwana

Asi ndozviziva nguva yangu ichakwana

Varipo vachashushikana

Vachanetsekana kuti ndazviitasei...

Today is not tomorrow 

But I know my time will come

Those who are there are going to be troubled 

They're going to wonder how I did it

It seems it's a time for young artists to rise and takeover the raising of the Chillspot banner. Following Herman's phenomenal success with "Zvandofarira" Likkle Art is another young artist destined for greatness. Although I wouldn't want to put so much expectations on his shoulders yet. Levels is credited with the production on "Nhasi haasi mangwana" and there's nothing that hasn't already been said about the quality of his work and his work ethic. The video is the work of SAP (Studio Art Pictures) and it's great quality from them as usual.

Checkout "Nhasi haasi mangwana" below:

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