MJ Wemoto And Sico's Collaboration "Vari Rude"

When you look the current state of Zimhiphop you feel that it's the rise again. Yet even on that trajectory it seems like everyone is under pressure to release. There's this urgency around Zimhiphop for more and more music which floods the market with unremarkable releases. But with Vari Rude, MJ Wemoto shows that he's cut from a different fabric. It's a trap beat meets rich lyricism and infectious melodies which leave you with a song you can jam to on repeat.

ProGIsTheName is credited with the track production and this brings about a collaboration of 3 creatives who were part of the hit Mbinga. The same elements that made Mbinga such a vibe are again at work on Vari Rude, although the latter is more energetic and electronic in it's beat makeup. I can without a doubt say I'm sold on the talent and lyrical prowess of everyone involved. I don't think Zimhiphop is ready for what these guys have but I'm also excited about their future.

Haters know it's that Ether

On the mic I'm just lethal

We can never be equal

Vapfana havan respect 

You get a few likes on tiktok 

Then you don't know how to act

Checkout the song "Vari Rude" below:

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