Nyasha "Hulio" Warambwa Has Possibly Sold Zimbabwe's Most Expensive NFT And Digital Artwork

We'll meet again by Nyasha "Hulio" Warambwa

It continues to be a year of wins for Nyasha Warambwa, who popularly goes by Hulio or Huliodraws on social media. From having his artwork posted by Chris Brown to it gracing a wall in his house and then being hired to create the artwork for Chris Brown's "Go Crazy" Remix featuring Young Thug, Future, Lil Durk and Mulatto. 

A few months back the artist went viral after sharing a condolence artwork for DMX titled "We'll meet again". The same artwork would go on to grace a billboard in Times Square in New York City. It seems now that Hulio has sold that same piece as Zimbabwe's most expensive NFT (Non Fungible Token) and digital artwork.

Meme reunion by Nyasha "Hulio" Warambwa 

The artist took to social media to share that he had sold the piece titled "We'll meet again" for 1 Ethereum valued at $2,026 at the time along with his most recent artwork titled "Meme reunion" for 0.55 Ethereum valued at $1,114.3. This is new ground for both Zimbabwean art and NFTs. In the NFTs so far known to us Nyasha Warambwa holds the most expensive one with his recent sell.

NFTs are a new and continuously growing space for artists of all mediums to earn from their work. It was only a few moths ago that Indigo Saint the founder of Cottage 47 was breaking ground by becoming the first Zimbabwean musical artist to sell an NFT. Sold within the first 4 hours of listing at a price of 50 SOUL coin which was valued at $29 USD on the day, Indigo Saint was ahead of the curve.

Indigo hasn't just kept the knowledge of a new space to himself but he has roped in several artists into the NFT space. One such artist is VI The Law who managed to sell his first NFT at 100 SOUL. Indigo even went on to ask his fans to create playlists of his music which he would in turn sell as NFTs and split 50/50 with the playlist creator.

For the basics on what an NFT is google is your friend and for those looking to set one up read our guide to setting up an NFT.

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